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eurephia is packaged for several Linux distributions. Even though this is very Linux centric, eurephia is still functional on other OSes as well, such as FreeBSD.


For Sid, it's available directly via 'apt-get'

root@host:~ # apt-get install openvpn
root@host:~ # apt-get install eurephia

For the latest eurephia release in Wheezy, you need to first add this repository to /etc/apt/sources.list. These packages are signed with the GPG key 0x4BA401C3

deb ./


All the eurephia packages are available via yum.

[root@host ~]# yum install eurephia eurephia-init eurephia-admin

Red Hat Enterprise Linux / Scientific Linux / CentOS

eurephia is available via the Fedora EPEL repository. When this repository is installed, eurephia is installed via yum

[root@host ~]# yum install eurephia eurephia-init eurephia-admin

Arch Linux and Gentoo

Please see the documentation for installation on Arch Linux and Gentoo

Source code tarballs

Released source code tarballs can be found on

Source code via git

The source code is also available via git. All development will be tracked here and new releases will be based on the git tree. In the 'release' branch, you will find the latest official eurephia release. Under the 'beta' branch you will find the latest available beta releases. All releases are tagged with version number as well. The 'master' branch will always be cutting-edge and might not always work.

$> git clone git://