eurephia v1.x - Developer
eurephia v1.0 developers reference

Overview of the source tree

eurephia is built up in a modular way and code reuse is an important element. The source tree is divided into several smaller parts where each part or module is located.

The project is written strictly in C, but the administration utility makes use of XSLT as a template engine to display reports.

Building eurephia and installing

Run the ./configure script to prepare the build. This script requires CMake (at least version 2.6) to be installed. The configure script will require some parameters, depending on which features being prepared in the build. For a complete overview of all parameters, see ./configure --help

Then run make to do the build.

To install eurephia, Run make install.

How to contribute

Contributions to the source code will be very much appreciated. Patches should be based on the master branch in the git tree. Patches should be uploaded to the project web site on

Contributed patches should be prepared by using the git format-patch command.




Generic requirements for building eurephia

The following header files and libraries is required to build eurephia:

 All Data Structures Files Functions Variables Typedefs Enumerations Enumerator Defines